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Purcellville Introduces Adopt-a-Hydrant Program

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 



Active Shooter Preparedness

Monday, December 7, 2015 



Big doings at the Safety Center

Saturday, December 5, 2015  Great weekend to visit the Purcellville Public Safety Center. We continue to sell Christmas trees and all the fixings from 10a-8p both Saturday and Sunday. And the Rescue Squad next door is hosting a breakfast with Santa from 8a-11a on Saturday. Come by and have a great breakfast, have your picture taken with Santa, and buy a Christmas tree. The breakfast is free, but please bring a non-perishable food item for our local food bank. Weather should be great, so come-on-down to the big yellow building at the corner of Hurst and North Maple.  



Our Christmas trees are here and ready for sale!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015  On Monday 23 Nov, we unloaded the first shipment of Fraser Fir trees for our 2015 tree sale fund raiser. We ordered a total of 840 trees, about the same number every year, because they usually sell out well before Christmas. All the trees are high quality #1 stock, farm fresh from North Carolina. Heights range from 5’ to 12' with prices ranging from $25 for the smallest to $125 for the largest. We also sell wreaths, roping, special tree stands, and our collector series of Company 602 ornaments. We even deliver trees to addresses in and around town.We also have a small supply of White Pine, long, wispy needles, for those who prefer this variety.



Please... no texting while driving

Wednesday, November 25, 2015   



Delivery of Our New Tower Ladder

Friday, November 20, 2015  Today was a really, really big day for our company and Loudoun County. 20 Nov, 2015 will be remembered as the day that we took ownership of our new apparatus, a tower ladder from Pierce Manufacturing. It will be a while before we're all trained on the equipment and go into service, but the impending increase in the fire fighting capability for the town and all of western Loudoun should be comforting to residents. 

 Fire Captain Chris Kermode signs delivery paperwork. It now is owned by the PVFC...!

Fire Captain Chris Kermode signs
      delivery paperwork. It now is owned by
      the PVFC...!

Fire Captain Buddy Colby driving the new horse!!

Fire Captain Buddy Colby driving the new


El Rancho Fire

Monday, November 16, 2015  Purcellville Restaurant Fire 

Purcellville, VA. –Loudoun County Fire Marshal’s rule Monday morning’s structure fire at a Purcellville restaurant accidental, caused by improperly disposed of oil soaked rags and estimated damages at $50,000. 
Monday, November 16th, Loudoun County Fire and Rescue units from Purcellville, Hamilton, Round Hill, Lovettsville, Leesburg and Philomont responded 101 S. Maple Street for a reported structure fire. Firefighters arrived on scene at El Rancho Mexican Restaurant to find smoke coming from the front of the restaurant. Fire and rescue crew’s immediately located a fire in the kitchen area that was held in check by an automatic sprinkler system. 
Firefighters quickly brought hoselines into the restaurant to extinguish what fire remained. 




Purcellville Gazette Article: Firefighter’s Corner

Firefighter’s Corner: Published in the PURCELLVILLE GAZETTE ⋅ November 6, 2015 Edition By Bill Eggleston

Every month I have the pleasure of interviewing one of our members for inclusion in this article and this month it was even more enjoyable. You will see from Robin Dryden’s picture that she is styling a pink Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company (Station 602) duty shirt in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You will also see that she is a female firefighter. How appropriate to point out that our company has eleven women who, in various capacities, volunteer their time and energy to the community.

Amazingly, this young woman has been a volunteer firefighter for 27 years, even longer than her husband Bob, who is the Fire Chief. She was first around fire trucks as a five year old when her father, who was a founding member of the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Station in Clarke County, parked fire trucks in the family driveway. She went on to fire school as a teenager and ran calls with her father and future husband. She has now achieved a skill ranking as a Technician, which allows her to drive and operate any piece of equipment we have in the inventory.

She said that she gets great enjoyment from learning about the mechanics of the trade. She especially likes the mental and physical challenges that come from fully understanding how to use complex equipment like the jaws-of-life, how to safely and efficiently operate pumps and fire trucks themselves, how fires work and most importantly how to stop them. Her objective is to be a reliable and trustworthy member of a fire crew, and does not want her gender to be a defining or limiting characteristic. She has accomplished all that. She is one of the best.

So, there you have it. A remarkable firefighter who happens to be female, a mother, a wife, and a past President, Vice President, and Treasurer of your local Volunteer Fire Company.

On another happy note, I am pleased to report that we have received our shipment of tree ornaments, and they are ready for sale. Many loyal supporters know that as a volunteer organization, we count on donations and fund raising to augment our operations. Our greatest single event is the annual tree sale, which begins the day after Thanksgiving at the station. At that same time we will offer the 2015 tree ornament, and for the first time, we have the previous four years of ornaments for sale too. Some people might have missed a year, and we were often asked if they could complete their collection. The answer is yes. All ornaments cost $20, and if you can’t wait until after Thanksgiving or if you want to be sure that we still have them, please send an email to Scott Purdue at He is our go-to guy for all things ornamental. He can even mail it to you, for a small additional charge.

Continuing this trend of good news, some of our brain trust were recently up at the Pierce Manufacturing plant in Appleton, Wisconsin, conducting the final inspection of our new $1.2 million tower ladder. All is in order and the truck will arrive in Town during our annual Christmas tree sale, which runs from November 27 until the trees run out. It will be a few weeks before it goes into service, as all sorts of equipment needs to be installed and some training on truck operations must occur first. Come out to buy your tree and see the new piece. 



Modern Homes, Faster Fires



Working Fire

Thursday, November 12, 2015  On Wednesday, 11 November, units from Purcellville, Round Hill, Loudoun Heights, Leesburg, Philomont, Hamilton, Mt. Weather, and Lovettsville responded to a barn fire on Hillsboro Road, just outside the Purcellville town limits. When units arrived on the scene, the barn was fully engulfed and reported as a working fire. Units worked together to establish water supply as this was a non-hydrant area. With multiple handlines and Tower 602, the fire was extinguished with only one injury reported. The call went out at 1142 and the last unit returned to service at 1845. The fire is currently under investigation by the Fire Marshall's office. All units did a thorough and professional job. 



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