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Monthly calls

Great Progress with Our New Tower Ladder

Friday, August 28, 2015  During the week ending 28 August, the torque box and body were mounted on the chassis of our new towel ladder apparatus. Next week, Pierce Manufacturing expects progress to continue with installation of wiring, plumbing, shelving, trim and other components. 



Progress Pictures of New Tower Ladder Apparatus

Tuesday, August 25, 2015   The new tower cab from Pierce Manufacturing was mounted onto the chassis while the body and torque box were being prepped for the chassis. Work progress continues towards a fall 2015 delivery.



Firefighters Corner

Tuesday, August 25, 2015  Published in the PURCELLVILLE GAZETTE ⋅ AUGUST 8, 2015 Edition
By Bill Eggleston

This is my inaugural article for Firefighter’s Corner. As an associate member of the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company, I was asked to serve as the Public Information Officer for your hometown firemen by our President, Brad Quin. I accepted and will try to represent the Company as best I can and also try to maintain the informational and entertaining work previously done by David Colby, who has moved on to his dream retirement home in Arkansas.

I’ll start off with the last two months’ run history. During June, our volunteer firefighters responded to 71 calls. In July, 63 calls were answered. Statistics kept by the FEMA suggest that the average occurrence of calls on a monthly basis is relatively constant. There is a slight increase in calls during July and December, perhaps due to the Fourth of July and winter holidays. But please also know that almost half of all residential fires are due to cooking, and we respond to those calls all year. Annually, we also typically address fireworks, barbeques, and even lightning strikes in the summer, some of which unfortunately lead to brush fires. In the colder months, it’s heating issues or seasonal lighting and decorations which are often troublesome. So please remember that fire never takes a vacation and be vigilant about your safety at all times!

It was a particularly busy first week in June for us. On Wednesday, June 3 we responded to an alarm of a fully involved nearby barn. Fire departments from Philomont, Purcellville, Hamilton, Leesburg, Round Hill and Lovettsville all responded with manpower and apparatus. Crews worked deep into the night to make sure the fire was put out and no other structures or areas were put in harm’s way. Three days later, on Saturday, June 6, we responded to another fire alarm outside of our normal response area to downtown Leesburg, which saw dozens of firefighters from several stations from the east and west ends of the county battling a fire in the historic downtown area. Caulkins Jewelers, the Leesburg Diner and other structures were damaged. Brad Quin later had the honor of accepting a Unit Citation from the Leesburg Town Council for the excellent work fighting the fire on behalf of the entire company.

The week of July 17 saw our brand new tower ladder begin fabrication by Pierce Manufacturing Inc. in Appleton, WI. That’s about 30 miles SW of Green Bay. The new apparatus will replace a similar piece in our stable, which was manufactured in 2002. The new tower will have more modern and updated capabilities and should provide more reliable service to calls where access to difficult spaces is needed. This equipment will provide a safe working platform for fire fighting and rescue situations where a rescued person could be lowered to the ground rather than have them climb down the ladder. It also frees up another firefighter from having to guide the rescued person down a dangerous ladder. The tower ladder is a mainstay and a unique capability in the arsenal of equipment supporting the western part of Loudoun County and other mutually supported jurisdictions.

We previously conducted one trip to the Pierce plant for engineering and design discussions, and have two more planned for post paint and final acceptance. These will lead up to a delivery this fall, when they will drive the 900 miles and hand over the keys to our awaiting hands. I will follow and report progress as it occurs and certainly provide ample warning so that the community can share in the acceptance celebration event. As our Fire Chief Bob Dryden said, the tower ladder belongs to and supports the community.

It is with great pride and personal envy that I wish to announce that our volunteer rolls increased by three with the graduation from Loudoun County’s Firefighter training program. Caleb Blank, Thomas Comer and Charlie Grim received their graduation certificates on Thursday, July 30 at the National Conference Center. This ceremony culminated five months of rigorous physical and educational achievement, where they learned the exciting skills needed to safely and effectively serve the Purcellville community as volunteer firemen. We are always looking for additional members, both male and female, so if you have a similar desire, please contact us.

Our Open House remains scheduled for Sunday, Oct 4. Just show up after noon to see all of our firefighting equipment, and take a tour of ambulances, police cars, and other equipment; plus we’ll have activities for the kids, demonstrations, food and refreshments. This is usually a well-attended event and, weather permitting, a great chance for volunteer firefighters and community members to mingle in a social rather than emergency situation.

And to end on a sweet note, the final Sundaes-on-Saturday will be August 29th. Come by for free ice cream sundaes, meet your local volunteer fire fighters, and visit the station between 6pm and 8pm. 



How old were you when you decided to become a Firefighter?

Saturday, August 22, 2015   Thanks to Volunteer Firefighters

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Elevator and escalator training

Thursday, August 13, 2015  Members of the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company participated in elevator and escalator training recently at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) - aka Metro - training facility at New Carrollton, Md. They learned about various types of elevators and escalators and then about Metro tunnel procedures and train cars. There were simulated entrapments and how to handle emergency power-off overrides and other critical skills. Seen in the pictures are the two elevator types and an escalator, which are operational in the lab, but inside Plexiglas enclosures sides so you can see their inner workings.

There are elevators in our first due area, but no escalators yet. However, the Loudoun County Combined Fire Rescue System is being proactive and preparing for METRO coming out to Loudoun soon. When that happens, we will be ready for emergencies on trains and at stations.



PVFC welcomes three new graduates from Fire School

Tuesday, August 11, 2015   Three newly graduated firefighters were given what is arguably the most coveted symbol of the craft at last nights monthly meeting of the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company. Seen in the picture below are (L-R) Fire Chief Bob Dryden with new firefighters Caleb Blank, Thomas Comer and Charlie Grim. They now join famous Americans who served as volunteer firefighters, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, John Barry, Aaron Burr, James Buchanan and Millard Fillmore. And of course it all began with Benjamin Franklin who started the local volunteer firefighting tradition with the first volunteer fire department in Philadelphia in 1736.



Crew 5 responds to Entrapment

Tuesday, August 11, 2015   This evening crew 5 responded to the Round Hill area for a auto accident with reported trapped. Units from Round Hill, Purcellville and Hamilton responded. Units removed the drivers side doors and removed the patient.



Brunswick Fire Mutual Support

Tuesday, August 11, 2015   Early in the morning of 10 August, 2015, three members of the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company responded from home to a house fire of suspicious origin at 13 South Virginia Avenue in Brunswick, Md. Within minutes of the call, they assembled at the station and joined 'A' shift career firefighters on Tower 602 by manning Engine 602 and racing to the scene. Assistant Fire Chief Michael O'Brien served as the apparatus officer, and together with firefighters David Delmonte and Chance Hendley they battled the fire for over five hours. A quick and professional response to our mutually supported neighbors to the north is much appreciated by all.



Thanks for the Ice Cream Sundays

Wednesday, July 29, 2015  Special thanks go out to Michelle King, Al King and Riley Ruments who were the 'go to' folks for the Sundays-on-Saturday last weekend. 

It was large gathering. We count cups of ice cream scooped and add in those who don't have ice cream but visit anyway. After only three such events this year, we've served over 280 guests.

There is only one more chance this summer to meet neighbors and friends at the station, get together with volunteer fire fighters, visit the station, and enjoy FREE ice cream sundaes. Mark your calendars for Saturday August 29th between 6-8PM. 



Firefighters: from the Occupational Outlook Handbook



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